Guitar and bass lessons with johnny Lightfoot

"Be the guitar player you've always wanted to be!"

Johnny is recognized for being a master musician & teacher with an enthusiastic & joyful passion for playing & for teaching all levels and all styles of music. He is well known for being patient, kind, & also for having a gift of helping his students have fun while learning.  Johnny offers a positive & inspiring learning experience and skillfully helps his students develop their individual strengths & interests, all the while empowering them to tap into their own unique creative expression.


Learning to play the guitar helps cultivate and nurture creative energy and has many long lasting benefits for students of all ages. Some of the benefits for adolescents are: Helps to raise self esteem; Increases coordination; Improves concentration; Helps build confidence and self worth; Inspires creative expression.

For adults: Playing the guitar helps to relieve stress; Is a positive and rewarding experience that promotes creative expression; Offers something fun and enjoyable to look forward to; Fosters genuine joy and gratification, and so much more.

Amazing 3 Guitar Solo With Live Looping

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